Kymera is a global manufacturer of specialty materials, metal-based powders, and thermal coatings. Its products and services are applied in a variety of end markets, including aerospace, chemical, maritime, specialty automotive, additive manufacturing, industrial, and mining.

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  • Headquarters

    North Carolina

  • Investment date

    October 2018

Creating the materials that are shaping our future.

Kymera’s products are all around us in our day-to-day lives. From washing detergents to aerospace technology, these specialty materials have a huge range of uses and play an important role in enabling social and economic progress. The business is also fully committed to creating these products in the right way, actively looking to improve the environment where it can and adopting best-in-class responsible practices.

Investment rationale

As a well-established business with a strong management team, Kymera gives us an excellent platform to build on. We have significant experience pursuing M&A strategies in this space and see additional opportunities to create value through new product development and investing in operational improvements.

Making a difference


  • Bolstered new product development teams to strengthen presence in high-growth end markets.  
  • Developed a strategic M&A roadmap and pipeline of 550+ targets, closing seven acquisitions to date.  


  • Implemented LEAN manufacturing processes to drive cost savings.  
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 5,000MTs in one year, converting its German plant to run off sustainable energy sources.  


  • Recruited four independent board members.  
  • Recruited CFO, COO, Chief Commercial Officer, CIO, General Counsel and VP of Corporate Development.