Investment size

$50-$150m equity capital

Key industries

Consumer, Services, Industrials, Healthcare

Target company size

$10–$75m EBITDA

Geographic focus



Control oriented

Capital uses

Common or preferred equity with some mezzanine debt

We are thematic investors that capitalize on emerging economic trends.

We invest across four sectors–consumer, services, industrials, and healthcare–where our investment teams and network of professionals deploy their expertise to drive differentiated return profiles.

Due to our verticalized approach, our investment teams dive deep into their respective industries and dynamically identify niche economic trends that form the basis of our investment focus and themes.

Evolving supply chains

We see strong tailwinds for businesses supporting the reengineering of product supply chains, making them faster, more transparent and localized. A growing focus on nearshoring, reshoring and local markets makes investments in this space attractive today.

Health and wellness

There are significant growth opportunities for businesses addressing consumers’ increased focus on nutritional, physical, reproductive and mental health across product, service and digital offerings.

Our experience, expertise, and perspective enable us to target opportunities that are often overlooked.

U.S. Hispanic market

We are uniquely positioned to capitalize on one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets.

Founder and family-owned businesses

We often provide the first institutional capital to founder and family-owned businesses, where our experience and approach make us their preferred partner of choice.

Growth through acquisition

We provide our portfolio companies with the access to capital and the skills required to execute strategic and synergistic acquisitions. We identify fragmented markets and deploy assertive and focused M&A strategies that multiply the growth possible through organic paths alone. These acquisitions prove to be transformative for many of Palladium’s portfolio companies.

Our Flagship strategy is managed by a senior team of diverse, highly experienced professionals, with long-standing working relationships at the firm.

On average, our senior team have more than 17 years’ experience and have worked for Palladium for more than 16 years.