We take a meaningful stake in businesses and help drive them to the next level.

We target opportunities and partner with founders to improve strategic positioning, competitiveness, and profitability. This hands-on approach and our long-term outlook help to optimize growth and create lasting value.


Our Flagship strategy has been at the heart of our investment approach for over 25 years as we have successfully raised capital across four institutional funds. We have consistently delivered strong outcomes across decades, and challenging business and economic cycles.


Our Heritage strategy was launched in 2022 to capitalize on the markets on which Palladium was built. The strategy targets B2B and industrial companies in the lower middle-market. It maximizes the experience of our Heritage team and the wider Palladium network.

Our approach to value creation focuses on accelerating Growth, improving Operations and enhancing Leadership.



We create strategic plans, develop organic growth opportunities and target M&A opportunities where appropriate.



We bring a new rigor to operational processes, with a key focus on financing and budgeting, and systems and reporting.



We build the right leadership team and governance structures to take companies into their next stage of growth.

We bring an extensive network of industry executives to each investment.

We understand that change needs to occur in order to take a business from good to great. This change is centered around people and processes. So, in addition to our own expertise and infrastructure, we have a deep bench of experienced industry executives and consultants from across our target sectors.

These executives help source and evaluate investments, execute portfolio strategic plans and often provide executive leadership post-closing.

Collectively, we invest a significant amount of resources to enhance company talent and to provide the strategic guidance our portfolio companies need to create a culture and process of continuous improvement.

We embed strong stewardship practices into every business.

Stewardship is closely linked to our approach to value creation, from measuring the impact of these initiatives to building diverse boards and leadership teams.