Stewardship is embedded in our operations and investment model.

For each investment, we implement a fully integrated playbook, targeting the full deal life cycle and focusing on three core objectives:


Risk assessment

Identifying material risks through targeted screening and due diligence, working within widely recognized reporting frameworks.


Value creation

Exploring avenues of value creation that might be overlooked in the traditional workstreams and defining clear objectives and key results tied to those opportunities.


Enhancing outcomes

Identify potential buyers with similarly aligned stewardship goals.

Our playbooks are aligned to best-in-class industry standards, including the United National Sustainable Development Goals, Sustainability Accounting Standards Boards, and others. We believe that these practices can be a strong source of alpha generation and can deliver greater returns for our investors.

Integrating stewardship into every deal

We seek to mitigate risks and create long-term value by being trusted stewards of our clients’ capital.

We measure our progress at the firm and portfolio level, tracking and reporting on progress to promote accountability and transparency as stewards of our clients' assets.