We have significant experience partnering with founder and family-owned businesses, and growing companies to the next level.

We believe we excel in identifying, growing, transforming and realizing the potential of our portfolio companies:


We work to identify and evaluate investment opportunities with attractive market dynamics in industries where we have significant expertise: consumer, services, industrials and healthcare.


We aim to ensure that our portfolio companies have access to both the human and capital resources necessary to grow to the next level. We have cultivated a network of experienced operating executives experienced in identifying unique opportunities, serving on portfolio company boards and working with both management and our team to help maximize the potential of our portfolio companies.


We seek to implement value-added operational and M&A strategies to transform our portfolio companies into larger, more profitable enterprises and market leaders.


We have a solid track record realizing and generating exceptional results and returns for all stakeholders by exiting our companies via sales to strategic and private equity buyers, and IPOs.

U.S. Hispanic Market

Palladium is a leading private equity firm investing in lower-middle market companies with a focus on the fast growing $1.2 trillion U.S. Hispanic market.

We believe our combination of experience investing in private equity, growing companies that benefit from the growth in the U.S. Hispanic market, and our active involvement in the U.S. Hispanic community provides a competitive advantage to source proprietary founder-owned businesses that we believe can benefit from the fast growth of the $1.2 trillion U.S. Hispanic market.

Source: Selig Center for Economic Growth

ESG Policy

A strong commitment to the highest standards of business practices and ethics is essential to creating value for our stakeholders.

As a result, we have adopted the Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) investment guidelines endorsed by the Private Equity Growth Council in 2009. This set of comprehensive principles address environmental, health, safety, labor, governance and social issues and are applied in our business decisions prior to investing in companies and during our period of ownership. We are committed to these principles, which we believe support our goals to achieve sound investments, build stronger, more competitive companies and affirm Palladium’s objective to generate positive returns.

Investment Parameters

We typically focus on investing $50 million-$150 million in companies with $10 million-$75 million in EBITDA.